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I am here  Help you to Get More Traffic and sales. If you do not receive any traffic to your website then it is time to hire Freelance SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant. Search engine optimization is a fundamental part of digital marketing. When a user searches on Google they can find your website and gain more relevant customers. To build your business dreams, you need to hire the leading  SEO Expert Kerala  , who will create a business strategy that will lead your business to success. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), The SEO Experts assist your website in achieving short- and long-term SEO performance, as well as increased website traffic and conversions.



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Hey,  This is Amitha Mohan,  SEO Expert,  Kottayam, Kochi, Kerala, India. Amitha Mohan is a Google and Hubspot certified Digital marketing Freelancer and SEO Expert in Kottayam, Kerala. She has been offering search engine optimization services to clients for 1 year. She has more than 1 year of SEO and digital marketing experience.

 As an experienced freelance SEO expert and Digital marketing consultant in Kerala, she has worked with the Best SEO companies in Kerala and helped small to medium-sized businesses across Kerala. Many companies have benefited from her assistance in increasing website traffic and sales.

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 SEO experts strive to reach your website in the highest position on search engines, which will result in a higher number of qualified customers. They will look at the layout of your website there get a chance of business. Our search engine optimization services will assist you in getting the best out of your website. We formulate successful on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

We can provide quality Digital Marketing services that are full fill your unique needs and budget as one of the best Digital Marketing freelancers and SEO Experts in Kottayam. Our team uses advanced SEO services combined with the most suitable digital practices to increase your website traffic and rankings for keywords that attract business to your platform. Each company is distinct and has its own niche. As a result, our Digital Marketing services in Kerala give the best strategy to your company’s unique requirements. Both of our clients benefit from social media marketing, which helps deliver traffic from various social media platforms while also improving overall SERP performance.

In the growing marketing competition, Digital Marketing has a crucial role for make companies and their online presence or attracting new customers by building a positive online status. As a result, it makes sense to recruit any of the Best Digital Marketing Experts in Kerala available. One of the best strategies for boosting a website ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) is SEO. its stands for Search engine optimization. in other words search engines indeed drive traffic to your website, SEO is responsible for ranking.

 Digital marketing has become an important part of a company’s identity in the eyes of its customers. Using Digital Marketing to promote your company would result in increased traffic and new customers. It’s time to use Digital Marketing for your business.



Most frequent questions and answers

Digital Marketing Freelancers, usually help companies with various digital marketing-related tasks. The demand for digital marketing jobs is on the rise, As a result,  freelance digital marketing is a great career option. Digital Marketing is the most powerful form of marketing. Using Digital Marketing, you can reach a targeted audience both cost-effective and measurable. By doing this you can save more money and reach more customers. Proper marketing every business is stepping into a new strategy to build a high competitive strength. 

  • Aherf : Mainly used to analyze a website’s link profile, keyword ranking, and SEO health. 
  • Google Search Console: Easily monitor. Resolve server errors site load issues and security issues like hacking.
  • SEMrush: All in one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing.
  • Google Analytics:  Allow you to track and understand your customer’s behavior, user experience, online content, device functionality, and more.
  • Yoast  SEO: Control titles and meta descriptions, set your targeted keywords and track how often you are using them, manage the sitemap and so much more.
  • Woorank: It is used for website audit, SEO, and as a keyword tool.
  • SpyFu: Increase your website traffics, Track your keyword ranking, and Make a better connection
  • Moz: Keyword Explorer 


SEO stands for search engine optimization, the name itself transferring  an idea  about SEO.   It is important because, it keeps the search results fair. The higher you rank pages the more clicks and traffic your site will generate. SEO also improve User experience ,making it more likely for customers to become repeat buyer and SEO  is cost effective.

Increase customer loyalty with frequent communication.

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